Pros And Cons Of Container House You Must Know!

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Now, there’s no need to wait long to own your dream living space. Pros and cons of container house are a reliable solution for rapid and practical housing needs. This innovative building is suitable for various locations, from fields to project sites. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a modern living space that can be constructed quickly. Order now and enjoy the comfort and practicality offered by Tradecorp Indonesia.

What is a Container Home?

Gambar rakita dari atas

Container homes offer comfortable living spaces by combining innovation and creativity in architecture. Carefully crafted from sturdy shipping containers, they transform industrial strength into cozy living areas.

These containers are specially modified with doors, windows, comfortable insulation, modern plumbing, and beautiful finishing touches. The buildings are designed to provide you with comfort when occupying the home.

The shipping container structure serves a meaningful new purpose, helping to reduce reliance on traditional building materials. Container homes come in various sizes and styles, and can be customized to reflect your personal taste.

Whether you’re envisioning a comfortable retreat, a home for a large family, or stunning architectural decor, container homes are flexible enough to meet any desire. This model of housing presents pros and cons of container house that can’t be found in conventional buildings. 

Container Homes With Modular Building

Keuntungan Rumah Kontainer ModSnap dalam Hal Mobilitas

Tradecorp Indonesia, as one of the container home providers, offers building materials from both shipping containers and modular units.These modular buildings resemble containers, hence often referred to as container homes. Opting for a modular container home means you’re implementing a prefabrication system in the construction process.

Modular container homes are constructed using sandwich panel walls and steel frames. These modules are manufactured in factories and then transported to the intended location for assembly. These buildings are multi-functional and can be used as office spaces, portable warehouses, dormitories, and more. 

Rumah kontainer modular dibangun dengan memanfaatkan dinding sandwich panel dan rangka baja. Modul tersebut dibuat di pabrik dan kemudian dibawa ke lokasi tujuan untuk dirakit. Bangunan tersebut bersifat multifungsi untuk digunakan sebagai ruang kantor, gudang portable, asrama, dll. 

Pros And Cons Of Container House

Let’s delve deeper into the pros and cons of container homes as a brilliant solution for your future life. This type of home brings together a unique blend of modern style and functionality. 

1. More Affordable Home Prices

Cost is the first factor in the list of pros and cons of container house. Building with shipping containers significantly reduces costs due to a simpler construction process, thus cutting down on labor expenses.

2. Rapid Construction

Container homes, whether utilizing the container structure or prefabrication, can be constructed quickly. These units turn your dreams into reality in a short period.

3. Exceptional Durability

Despite their quick construction, container homes offer remarkable durability. The sturdy container structure can withstand harsh winds, water, and weather conditions. Meanwhile, prefab container homes are water-resistant, wind-resistant, and even earthquake-resistant.

4. Long Lifespan

A bright future is ensured with a container home. Its superiority lies in the choice of materials and unmatched robustness. Container homes can be used for an extended period. High-quality and sturdy materials make them capable of enduring extreme conditions. Of course, proper and regular maintenance will support the longevity of the unit.

5. High Flexibility

Elevate your lifestyle by choosing a unique container home. You’ll enjoy incredible flexibility along with the pros and cons of container house. Planning an expansion? No worries, these homes can easily be extended to fit your needs. Units can be modified with added doors, windows, wall decorations, floor designs, etc., to match user preferences.

Own a revolutionary container home and create a living space with a unique and personal style. Want to change the way you see homes? Container Homes are the innovative, efficient, and contemporary answer. 

Build Your Container Home with Tradecorp's Rakita

Interested in using a container home? Make sure you trust a reliable construction provider. One such company excelling in container home construction is Tradecorp Indonesia. With years of experience, Tradecorp has served various modular construction needs in numerous regions.

A choice of container home with lightweight steel frames and sandwich panel walls is Rakita. Rakita is one of Tradecorp Indonesia’s products commonly used as homes in project sites, mining areas, remote regions, and more.

Rakita's Exterior and Interior Design

Rakita Specifications

Check out the Rakita prefab house specifications, a trend and solution for portable housing for employees. 

  • Building area of 35 square meters
  • Building height of 2.5 meters
  • Constructed on a concrete foundation
  • Heat-resistant
  • Rain-resistant
  • Includes windows, doors, roof
  • Equipped with a bathroom


Container home prices vary considerably. Several determining factors include size, the number of units used, the type of home, and special modifications. 

Yes, container homes can be used for an extended period with regular maintenance.

No, building permits or IMBs are not required for container homes since they are considered temporary structures.