Types of Mining Worker Facilities from Modular Buildings

Types of Mining Worker Facilities from Modular Buildings

Mining worker facilities, one of the services offered by the company, include mess facilities or dormitory. A mining mess facility serves as accommodation for mining workers.

Mining locations, whether they are coal mines, oil and gas fields, or metal mineral mines, are typically situated in remote areas far from urban centers. Many people perceive life in mining areas as uncomfortable, especially when it comes to staying there.

The reality on the ground, however, is quite different. Companies ensure the availability of worker facilities to support productivity during work. Providing these facilities is a prerequisite that companies must fulfill before starting a project.

To expedite the start of a project, companies often choose modular prefabricated buildings as the best option for accommodation for their workers.

Despite not being permanent constructions, modular prefabricated buildings have a sturdy structure based on shipping container frames. Shipping containers must adhere to strict ISO standards for cargo transport, both domestically and internationally. These ISO standards ensure that containers are strong and corrosion-resistant in various conditions.

As a result, there’s no need to worry about occupying modular buildings because their structures are robust and can be used for an extended period.

Tradecorp Indonesia, as a supplier of shipping containers and provider of modular prefabricated buildings, offers modular mess facilities with ISO-standard shipping container frames. What are the options for Tradecorp Indonesia’s modular mess facilities? Check out the choices below!

The types of Modular Building that Serve as Mining Worker Facilities

Modular buildings are innovative structures classified as prefabricated buildings constructed using a knock-down system. The knock-down construction method allows for the assembly and disassembly of the building components.

Applying this method in the construction of modular buildings gives them flexible characteristics, supporting efficiency in both construction time and costs. Tradecorp Indonesia has innovated by creating a variety of modular mess options as mining worker facilities. Below are the available choices.

1. ModBox

Modular Box or ModBox is a type of prefabricated building from Tradecorp Indonesia that features a shipping container frame and sandwich panels made of EPS or Expanded Polystyrene.

The ModBox container frame is made of electrolytic iron galvanized steel, known for its corrosion resistance or anti-rust properties. Meanwhile, its walls are made of EPS material, which has insulation capabilities and is also reasonably priced.


Prefabricated buildings suitable for project worker housing, dormitories, or mess halls with a capacity ranging from 700 to 1,500 people.

2. ModPack

Modular Flatpack or ModPack is a type of prefabricated building from Tradecorp Indonesia that features a steel frame with sandwich panels made of Rockwool material. The ModPack and ModBox models may appear similar, but they differ in the material used for the walls.

The use of Rockwool offers several advantages as insulation, including excellent thermal properties, fire resistance, good sound insulation, durability, and resistance to damage or deterioration.


Prefab buildings that can be used as portable offices or site offices.

3. ModMulti

ModMulti is a type of prefabricated building designed by Tradecorp Indonesia, featuring a lightweight steel structure with sandwich panel walls and roof. The steel used in the construction is galvanized, and for the sandwich panels, Rockwool material is utilized.

On the wall side of ModMulti, reinforcement slings are installed to strengthen the building’s structure and maintain its stability.


Can be stacked up to three levels and accommodate many workers, making it suitable as a dormitory or workers’ barracks.

4. ModSnap

Modular Snap, or ModSnap, is a modular prefabricated building with a foldable design. Despite being foldable, the construction of ModSnap is considered sturdy.

The main structure of the ModSnap building is made of galvanized steel, providing excellent corrosion resistance. For insulation in the walls, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) material is used.


The fastest folding container building to set up and can be folded back. Suitable for project mess, emergency office, site office, and director’s office.