Mini Shipping Containers: 6 Ways to Use Them

Kontainer Pengiriman Ukuran Kecil

Mini Shipping Containers: 6 Ways to Use Them

1. Store old files/archives

Mini Storage Containers are ideal if you have an abundant file pilling up in your office or home. By using this container, you can free up some space and creating more room to support other activities. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the safety of your archives. Our Mini Shipping Container is weatherproof and has a secure lock system.

2. Starting a startup

Perhaps you have a limited budget to start a business, or investing in an office space costs you too much. We can modify our Mini Storage Containers and turn in into a fully functioning office completed with air vents, air conditioner, shelves, or window, upon your request. Of course, you will save a lot from this idea because we offer you the best price on the market.

3. Hospital secure storage for medical equipment and medicine

Stuff like medical equipment and supplies require a fairly large storage unit. Meanwhile, many hospitals today are having trouble to open more space for their patients. Considering this situation, Mini Shipping Containers will become helpful to hospital owners since they do not have to worry about leaving room for that purpose. Further, our company has a long experience in modifying containers that meet hospital standards. So, if you have specific criteria, just let us know.

Kontainer Pengiriman Ukuran Kecil

4. School’s textbooks or PE equipment storage

Schools sometimes use empty classrooms to keep textbooks or PE equipment like nets, balls, rackets, and else. But switching to Mini Storage Containers would benefit them. It will safely protect the items stored inside, plus they will then have more rooms available to open new classrooms. So, why not use a container instead?

5. Valuables/ art collection storage

For people who love to collect arts or paintings, our company can help you to turn Mini Shipping Container into a personal art studio or gallery. You can customize it the door types, have it with or without a window, and even design the interior to your liking. Also, since our shipping container is watertight and equips with a secure lock system, you will not have to worry about the safety of your valuable collections.

6. Garden Shed

If you have a yard to maintain, a garden shed would be essential to keep garden tools and supplies. Garden sheds commonly made from woods, which make it sensitive to rain. Given that, using Mini Storage Containers will save you some time and cost as it is easy to maintain. Not to mention, it is durable. Due to its advantages, many homeowners now choose to use containers for a garden shed.


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