Container House Design with Sandwich Panel Walls

Container House Design with Sandwich Panel Walls

Various models of container houses can be found at Tradecorp Indonesia. Not all of them are made from steel, Tradecorp Indonesia has innovated by creating container houses with sandwich panel walls.

The use of sandwich panels aims to provide economical, efficient, and flexible housing while still prioritizing safety and comfort. Moreover, the use of sandwich panels makes the container houses resistant to corrosion, fire, and even ensures their stability in changing weather conditions.

By using the container structure as the frame and sandwich panels as the walls, Tradecorp Indonesia has produced a container house model that fulfills the expectations of many people who desire modern minimalist homes at an affordable price.

Container House Design with Sandwich Panel Walls from Tradecorp Indonesia

The combination of container frames and sandwich panel walls has given rise to a variety of container house options that can fulfill accommodation needs, whether it’s for homes, offices, mess halls, director’s quarters, worship places, businesses, dormitories, kiosks, or commercial units.

The choices presented by Tradecorp Indonesia range from exclusive models to small container house designs. These designs also cater to different sizes, including 20 feet and 40 feet container house designs.

What do these models look like? Check out the container house design ideas below!

ModBox: Container House Design with EPS Panel

ModPack: Container House Design with Rockwool Panel

ModMulti: Panel Multi-Story Container House Design with Lightweight Steel Frame

ModSnap: Folding Container House Design

ModHouse: Exclusive Design Container House

Rakita: Minimalist Design Container House

Advantages of Container Houses with Sandwich Panel Walls

Container houses with sandwich panel walls offer numerous advantages.

1. Efficient

Container house construction can optimize land usage efficiently. Units can be stacked upon each other, allowing them to adapt to the available land area.

2. Flexible

Container house designs can be expanded to create additional space. Moreover, the units can be modified to accommodate doors and windows according to personal preferences.

3. Economical

The container house design price is more affordable compared to the selling price of concrete houses. With its reasonable cost, you can still acquire a durable and quality residence that can be used for an extended period.

4. Rapid Construction

Container house construction adopts a knock-down system that enables the building to be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily.

5. Modern Container House Design

Container house designs cater to market demands for simple yet modern living spaces.


A well-maintained container home can last up to 50 years. As long as there is no significant damage, the container home remains sturdy.

A 20-foot container house design can accommodate a family with one child.

A 40-foot container house design can accommodate a family with children and parents.

Container houses have varying prices. As an illustration, a minimalist container house of the ModBox type at Tradecorp Indonesia is priced starting from Rp39.5 million.