Container House Ideas for Single-Story and Two-Story

Container House Ideas for Single-Story and Two-Story

A container house initially had a foundation entirely based on steel. With modifications on several sides, it became a form of accommodation. Innovations continued to evolve and produce many container house ideas or storage container house ideas. 

One such idea comes from Tradecorp Indonesia, offering container house ideas for both single-story and two-story container buildings.

Tradecorp Indonesia presents shipping container house ideas that utilize sandwich panels, serving as insulation. These container house concepts, which combine steel frames with panels, result in a variety of container house models. 

In terms of design, Tradecorp Indonesia crafts futuristic buildings that encompass functionality from each component of the container house. 

After construction, the finished container house exudes a modern impression. The minimalist aesthetic adds extra value for those who desire simple and modern living.

Efficiency and flexibility remain essential aspects in the container houses designed by Tradecorp Indonesia.

Single-Story Container House Idea with Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels are commonly used in building construction due to their thermal insulation properties. As they’ve evolved, sandwich panels can prevent condensation and are fire-resistant.

The benefits of these sandwich panels add to the advantages of the container houses offered by Tradecorp Indonesia. Just like the following single-story container house idea, which utilizes sandwich panels.






Two-Story Container House Idea with Sandwich Panels

For additional floors, the container house units from Tradecorp Indonesia can be stacked easily and securely. Several models are designed to be stackable.





Why Tradecorp Indonesia?

Tradecorp Indonesia is a container shipping supplier company that serves orders from many regions in Indonesia. Its product range has expanded to include modified containers and prefabricated buildings.

The products sold by Tradecorp Indonesia meet necessary standards, both national and international. Why select Tradecorp Indonesia as your partner for owning a container home?


Container houses from Tradecorp Indonesia are capable of withstanding earthquake tremors as their construction is meticulously designed with careful calculations.

The construction of a container house does not require a building permit or IMB.

The selling price of a container house is determined based on the model, materials, specifications, and other considerations. As an example, a container house in the ModBox model is sold at prices starting from Rp39.5 million.

A container house for 50 million Rupiah certainly has an appearance and materials that are proportional to its value. At Tradecorp Indonesia, you can find the ModBox container house model priced starting from Rp39.5 million.