Two-Story Container House: Get Design Ideas & Price

Two-Story Container House

A two-story container house is suitable as a accommodation solution on limited land. Tradecorp Indonesia can assist you in creating a flexible and efficient two-story residence.

A two-story container house consists of container units stacked on top of each other to form a two-story building. 

The presence of corner castings at the container corners and forklift pockets on the container sides facilitates the lifting of container units to be placed on top of other units. In other words, these features enable the construction of a two-story container house.

Tradecorp Indonesia offers a container house concept that combines a steel frame with sandwich panel walls, making it the best choice for realizing your dream home. Check out the design ideas for a two-story container house from Tradecorp Indonesia below!

Design Ideas for a Two-Story Container House

Tradecorp Indonesia innovates in creating modern container homes that cater to the needs of many individuals. 

Various design ideas for two-story container houses realized by Tradecorp Indonesia have been established in many places throughout Indonesia, serving the needs of individuals and companies alike.

What do the design ideas for two-story container houses from Tradecorp Indonesia look like? Check out the structures below!

ModBox Two-Story Container House

ModPack Two-Story Container House

ModSnap Two-Story Container House

ModMulti Two-Story Container House

Check The Price of Two-Story Container House

The price of a two-story container house is not more expensive than that of a two-story concrete house. This means that a container house is suitable for those who plan to have an economical living space.

At Tradecorp Indonesia, you can easily obtain the selling price of a two-story container house by filling out the online form available on the Kontainer Indonesia website page. 

Our team will contact you, and you can consult your needs for free. Fill out the form promptly and get attractive offers from us!


The container houses produced by Tradecorp Indonesia have been equipped with sandwich panels to perform thermal insulation functions. This thermal insulation function helps maintain a stable temperature inside the rooms.

Tradecorp Indonesia serves orders for shipping containers, modified containers, and modular buildings, both for purchase and rental, from many cities and regions across Indonesia.

Share your requirements through the online form provided on the Kontainer Indonesia website, and we will promptly find solutions to meet your needs.

A two-story container house requires a building permit or IMB if its construction involves the use of foundation piles.

The cost of building a container house can vary due to the model, materials, number of floors, and size.

As an illustration, ModBox container houses at Tradecorp Indonesia are sold starting from Rp39.5 million. 

Check the cost of building one by filling out the online form available on the Container Indonesia website page!