High Cube Shipping Container: What Are the Advantages?

High Cube Shipping Container: What Are the Advantages?

Do you want to build a home or an office using a shipping container? Does your business involve transporting or storing large or tall items? Keep reading to find out what High Cube Container has to offer!

This particular container that we’re going to discuss is very popular and can sell out quickly, especially the refurbished condition one. So, you may want to find out why it is so favorable.

To make it easier for you to visualize the advantages of this type of container, let’s compare it with the General Purpose (Standard) shipping container. See the pictures below. Do you able to tell any differences between those two containers?

If the answer is no, you’re not alone!

Now, we’ll put the same containers side by side, helping you to see the major difference between them.

Yup! Their only difference is the height.

The one on the left is General Purpose (Standard) shipping container while the one on the right is High Cube shipping container.

The Standard shipping container is 8.6′ tall while the High Cube container is 9.6′ tall. The width are the same which is 8′. And for the length, it depends on your choice. But, both has the same maximum capacity which is around 28.000 kg.

Check out this table below for the more detailed comparison regarding the dimension and capacity of those two type of containers.

That difference might seem small at first, but let us enlighten you with the advantages that the extra height brings.

  • Open an additional 10.3 m³ area than the standard container
  • Allow storing or transporting a massive or tall cargo safely
  • Enable stacking bulk items to more levels
  • Fit more goods as long as the overall weight is not above the limit
  • Give extra headspace when it turns into living or business units

Additional Features

Now, let’s go deeper with our discussion and learn about the product’s features!

  • Made from solid steel to improve durability
  • Designed to be waterproof and windproof to ensure the safety of the good stored inside
  • Complimented with a securely locked double door that can open up until 270 degrees wide
  • Can be modified to include items such as windows, doors, ventilation, air conditioner (AC), slope, shelves, and more.

Tradecorp Makes Available High Cube Container for You to Buy or Hire!

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