Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Framing Construction for Sale

The construction of Light Gauge Steel (LGS) frames involves structures based on cold-formed steel. LGS frames are suitable as a construction choice for residential buildings, offices, dormitories, warehouses, cafeterias, places of worship, accommodation facilities, and other operational buildings!

LGS Framing Construction: A Quick Solution for Building Needs

LGS framing construction can be a modern choice for building residential houses, employee dormitories, director’s offices, warehouses, canteens, multi-story buildings, and other operational structures. 

Compared to wooden frames, cold-formed steel or LGS offers better durability. The lifespan of light gauge steel frame buildings can reach up to 50 years.

Tradecorp offers LGS framing construction for those seeking durable buildings and quick construction.

LGS Framing Construction for House

Light Gauge Steel (LGS) framing can be applied to create quickly inhabitable houses for long-term occupancy. Light Gauge Steel (LGS) framing construction for houses offer advantages such as fire resistance, termite resistance, environmental friendliness, and low maintenance.

LGS Framing Construction for Warehouse

Cold-formed steel or LGS is renowned as a sturdy and stable construction material, making it ideal for building earthquake-resistant warehouses. The construction of LGS steel frame warehouses is relatively fast compared to conventional warehouses.

LGS Framing Construction for 2-Story

The strength and flexibility of cold-formed steel enable it to support the construction of two-story or multi-story buildings. The robust and stable nature of cold-formed steel can withstand high loads.

Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Framing for Residential Construction

The advantages of LGS framing construction, such as fire resistance, durability, cost-effectiveness, and safety, make it an alternative choice in building residences in housing developments. In residential construction, LGS framing construction is used for walls, roofs, and cladding.

What You Need to Know About LGS Steel Frames?

In the construction world, Light Gauge Steel (LGS) is considered a premium component for creating buildings that are resistant to corrosion, making them less prone to rust and mold.

LGS components are known for their lightweight properties and are highly recommended for quickly constructing buildings with a solid and sturdy structure. Even in poor weather conditions, these cold-formed steel components do not shrink, warp, or deform.

For long-term use, LGS steel frame-based construction will save you money. Its quick assembly and the need for fewer laborers compared to concrete building workers promote budget efficiency for building houses, warehouses, multi-story buildings, employee dormitories, or field offices.

For project owners, using LGS steel frame-based buildings is a rational choice to support the smooth running of your project by providing LGS steel frame-based director’s offices and employee dormitories.

Why Choose LGS?

Light Gauge Steel (LGS) frame construction can be a contemporary choice for building houses, employee dormitories, directorate offices, warehouses, cafeterias, multi-story buildings, and other operational structures. Tradecorp offers LGS frame construction for those seeking durable buildings erected swiftly. Why opt for LGS frames from Tradecorp?

Components of LGS-Based Buildings

Essential components in building construction now utilize cold-formed steel or LGS (Light Gauge Steel) material as the best option to replace wood, which is prone to decay and termite attacks.

The application of LGS in construction components has made a significant difference in presenting contemporary buildings without neglecting functionality.

Roof Trusses

LGS roof trusses have lightweight and offer ease of assembly. The use of LGS improves the overall load distribution on the roof structure. Resistance to moisture, fire, and pest attacks makes LGS roof trusses able to withstand for a long time.

Floor Joists

The use of wood as floor joist material is now less relevant for building construction since the innovation of floor joists made from LGS material. LGS-based buildings have floor joists that are not easily broken, bent, or warped due to high temperatures or high humidity. Thus, the ability of floor joists to support loads is better compared to wood-based floor joists.

Wall Frames

The strength of LGS wall frames is undeniable. Besides being easy to install, the density of cold-formed steel makes the wall structure sturdy in supporting the roof and ceiling. Moreover, LGS frames make the installation of pipes and electrical cables easier.

Why Buy LGS Framing Construction from Tradecorp?

Tradecorp Indonesia offers the finest quality cold-formed steel frames, ensuring buildings remain durable for long periods, maintaining their structural integrity, and helping you save on expenses.
The cold-formed steel or LGS framing construction from Tradecorp come with many advantages.

Long Lifespan of Use

The lifespan of light gauge steel frames from Tradecorp can reach 50-70 years.

Corrosion Resistant

The light gauge steel from Tradecorp is coated with hot-dip galvanizing at 275 grams per square meter, making it resistant to corrosion.

Fire Resistant

Steel construction buildings from Tradecorp are equipped with Rockwool or Glasswool insulation material capable of withstanding fire with a resistance rating of 2.1 hours.

Earthquake Resistant

Tradecorp's steel frame building structures are designed to absorb shocks, making the house less prone to damage.

Wind Resistant

Homes constructed with steel frames from Tradecorp can withstand strong winds.

Multi-story Buildings

Steel frames from Tradecorp can be used to construct multi-story buildings up to three levels.

The Advantages of LGS Framing Construction


Better Durability

Cold-formed steel frames clearly offer better durability for use as walls, roofs, and cladding. Unlike wooden frames, which are susceptible to termite attacks, resulting in short-lived roof frame constructions.


Longer Lifespan of Use

Cold-formed steel, or cold-formed steel, is steel that is formed at room temperature or without the use of high heat. In its application, cold-formed steel can be bent or rolled.

LGS as a construction material can have a long lifespan, depending on the coating used. For example, galvanized cold-formed steel can last up to 100 years.


Cost Savings

The price of LGS is indeed higher. However, when compared to wood materials for framing and construction, the use of cold-formed steel can save costs.


Easy to Shape

The characteristic feature of cold-formed steel is its lightweight compared to regular steel. This advantage allows it to be easily shaped according to architectural designs.


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The strength of LGS frames depends on their thickness. This thickness is influenced by the thickness of the anti-corrosion coating. The thicker it is, the stronger the construction. Tradecorp provides steel with a lifespan of up to 50-70 years.

Tradecorp uses steel as frames with base metal thickness (BMT) of 0.75 mm and 0.95 mm. The steel from Tradecorp is quality steel that is corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant due to being galvanized.

The use of steel as a frame is more effective in minimizing damage from fires, especially to the roof structure. Compared to wooden roof frames, steel is less prone to burning and can withstand earthquake shocks. This is why steel offers better protection for house construction.

The tropical climate in Indonesia is certainly a consideration when choosing building models and materials. LGS material, which is cold-formed steel, is suitable for constructing buildings in tropical climates, including Indonesia.

Resistance to humidity, pest attacks, and resistance to deformation due to earthquakes or strong winds are reasons why LGS steel construction is suitable for buildings in Indonesia.

Cold rolled steel material in light gauge steel has been coated with aluminum, zinc, and magnesium to prevent rust formation, thus ensuring its durability over time.

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