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40 Feet Containers Benefits


They are designed to be strong and resistant to damage, so they are often mentioned as being durable.


This product is built to withstand a wide range of weather conditions, so they are known to be resistant to rain, snow, heat, and other elements.


They typically come with locking mechanisms and other security features to protect the contents during transportation.


Companies use this product for a wide variety of purposes, including transportation, storage, and even as the basis for modular buildings or other structures, so they are often said to be flexible.


They allow for the efficient and cost-effective transportation of goods around the world, so they are often marketed as being an efficient solution for logistics and transportation needs.

40 Feet Containers Spesification




40 feet ( 12 meter )


8 feet ( 2,4 meter )


8,6 feet ( 2,6 meter )


67,7 m³

Tare Weight

3,600 kg

Net Weight

26,880 kg

Max Gross Weight

30.480 kg

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  • Panjang 40 feet

    (12 meter)

  • Lebar 8 feet

    (2,4 meter)

  • Tinggi 8,6 feet

    (2,6 meter)

40ft Container Size & Dimensions

40 fit container size is quite common in logistics. The size follows ISO standards, therefore around the world they are more or less the same size. 

In meters, the length is about 12 meters. Logistics companies are transporting goods by sea and land using this type. The size is large enough to load more goods in one shipment. 

The width and the height allow it to transport heavy loads or cargo that requires ample space. Furthermore, many cargos can be loaded in it such as heavy equipment, machinery, or industrial raw materials. 

The internal dimensions are approximately 12 meters long x 2.35 meters wide x 2.39 meters high. However, there are also several types that have an inner size that is slightly smaller than the outer size. The internal area of this type is around 28m2. 

Frequently Ask Question

A 40 feet container is a container used in the shipping industry to transport goods. This type is 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8.6 feet high. Its most common use is to transport goods that are large or in large quantities.

The weight varies depending on the type of material used to build them. An empty unit usually weighs around 4000 kilograms. Meanwhile, the maximum weight is the weight of an empty unit plus the weight of the goods, it is around 30,000 kg. 

The price of a 40-foot container is changing from time to time. Several influencing factors are, the size, type, condition, and depot location. Larger sizes will usually have a higher price. The type also affects the price, for example, reefers that have special features will have a higher price. 

A 40 feet container capacity is the capacity of a unit measuring 40 feet (12 meters) in length. Capacity is a measurement to know how much goods or cargo can be loaded in it. Usually, the capacity or volume is around 67m3. 

40 feet container is usually used by freight forwarders or logistics companies to transport goods or cargo from one place to another.  

Companies that carry out import-export activities are using this unit to ship the cargo. Their large size allows them to transport more goods in one shipment. 

Apart from that, 40 feet containers are seen in operation such as plantations, mining sites, or other industry that need a solution for transporting large quantities of goods. 

If you are looking for a company that sells 40 feet containers there are a number of things, you need to consider. First, make sure the company sells containers in good and proper condition. Second, look for information about market prices of the product similar to the one you are looking for, so you can determine a reasonable purchase price. Third, look for companies with experience. After that, ensure that buying and selling transactions are safe and legal.