Selling Portable Townsite Camp

The modular townsite camp model is a solution for minimalist living that is fast, practical, and affordable.

Each unit offers comfort with container frame construction and sandwich panel or GRC board walls from Tradecorp Indonesia.

Prefab houses come with the highest quality, allowing construction of up to 2 or 3 floors. Get the best price offers only at Tradecorp!

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Selling Townsite Camp for Various Project Needs



Townsite camp container 20 feet

Rumah Kontainer 20 Feet

Tradecorp’s modular townsite housing uses a standard 20 feet container that has the following dimensions.


Container 20 Feet

Length (Meters)


Width (Meters)


Height (Meters)


Townsite camp container 40 feet

Rumah Kontainer 40 Feet

Larger needs can rely on the 40 feet dimension. Here are the specifications of Tradecorp’s 40 feet sandwich panel townsite container house.


Container 40 Feet

Length (Meters)


Width (Meters)


Height (Meters)



Townsites are increasingly being implemented to meet the demand for affordable, practical, and uniquely designed housing. This type of housing does not require a Building Construction Permit (IMB).

Tradecorp Indonesia offers container townsite camp with minimalist design and high-quality materials, suitable for long-term use. Special modifications with added supporting facilities can be customized according to user needs.

Established since 2014, Tradecorp prioritizes benefits through the design of container townsite camp, ensuring strength, safety aspects, and durability for both single and two-story buildings. By purchasing a townsite house from Tradecorp, you can enjoy various benefits.

Economical Costs

The construction cost of townsite housing is more affordable.

Fast and Efficient Construction

Ready-to-use housing units that you can rely on modular townsites.

Requires Fewer Workers

Prefab townsite house construction only requires a few workers during module assembly, reducing costs.


Prefabricated townsite housing can be quickly moved or dismantled if relocating.

Why Should You Use Townsite Housing?

Townsites are residential complexes for workers and their families, typically equipped with adequate facilities such as food courts, sports centers, swimming pools, schools, employee mess, halls or meeting places, etc.

Container townsite camps, also known as modular or prefab houses, are the right solution for quick, comfortable, and safe housing needs. Maintenance is relatively easy, requiring only minor repairs to avoid corrosion, ensuring the charm of the residence for years, day and night.

Tradecorp provides modification services for the construction of two-story container townsite camp. Unit arrangements include bedrooms, toilets, kitchens, furniture, and floor designs.

Some reasons to choose Tradecorp’s townsite housing include.

Long Lifespan

Townsite camp can last for decades with proper and regular maintenance.

Buildable on Minimal Land

This type of house can be stacked to minimize land use.

Easy Expansion

House size and the number of units can be flexibly adjusted.

Earthquake Resistant Construction

Units have earthquake resistance up to magnitude 8.

Fire, Wind, and Rust Resistant Materials

Fire-resistant insulation with wall thickness up to 75 mm. Additionally, the structure can withstand winds up to 250 km per hour, and modules are made using durable galvanized steel.

Trust The Construction Of Portable Container Townsite Camp To Tradecorp

Various options of modular houses are available, ranging from small to large sizes such as 40ft containers. Modification work, such as installing doors, windows, room partitions, electronic circuits, and plumbing, can be carried out immediately after placing an order.

The components of the modular townsite camp will be prepared carefully to ensure safety during transportation, whether by sea or land. Timeliness in construction and delivery is one of our foundations in conducting this business to maintain customer trust in us.

Consult your townsite housing needs with our team, ready to assist with questions regarding information, building structures, and container house prices at Tradecorp!

How Does Tradecorp Build Townsite Housing?

Tradecorp’s townsite camp construction or container house installation process lasts for a few days using only standard tools. To give you a clearer picture, here are the steps of building a container house.


Determine the strategy for the container townsite housing by selecting the location, budget planning, and desired house design.

Purchase Container House Units

Consider the condition of modular house units, whether new or used containers, as well as the required dimensions.

Trust a Reliable Provider

Ensure that you entrust the project to a reliable, trustworthy, and experienced company to provide the best quality units. This enhances structural safety and the construction process.

Foundation Type Determination

Choose a foundation model suitable for townsite housing construction, such as a simple concrete foundation, slab-on-grade foundation for soft soil, or pile foundation for loose soil conditions.

Crane Usage

Installation of prefab townsite modules, especially in large quantities at one location, can be facilitated more easily using heavy-duty cranes.


kantor dari modular box warna merah


A knockdown prefabricated building with dimensions of 6 x 3 x 2.8 meters, quickly assembled and disassembled. An ideal option for Modular Houses, Project Worker Residences/Project Barracks.

modpack modular pack untuk kantor


An economic solution for townsite camp with a prefab container structure made of lightweight steel frame and insulated walls. Dimensions similar to a 20-foot dry container, commonly used as a Portable Office/Site Office.

ModMulti container untuk asrama pekerja proyek


ModMulti construction can be stacked up to three levels and accommodates many workers. Ideal for dormitories, hostels, or worker barracks at project sites.

ModSnap container yang bisa di lipat atau rumah kontainer instan


Known as a folding container, units can be assembled in minutes and easily disassembled. Suitable for Project Mess/Instant House.

ModHouse modular house atau rumah kontainer modular


A modern-style townsite housing option with dimensions that can be expanded up to 3 times the size of a 20-foot container.

rakita rumah kontainer portable bisa di pindah-pindah


Rakita is a simple house solution with privacy and comfort similar to conventional houses. This modular house has an area of around 35 square meters with a height of about 2.5 meters, making it a suitable choice for small families.

Frequently Asked Questions

The term “townsite” generally refers to an urban area or locality. The modular connection to temperature or heat typically depends on the construction materials used.

Modular homes can exhibit different thermal properties. Some modular homes use well-insulating materials to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, while others may require additional insulation measures.

Constructing a townsite housing with a prefab concept heavily relies on the materials, design, and construction used in its creation. Tradecorp utilizes good insulation panels to minimize heat entering the house. Residents will remain comfortable and secure when occupying such dwellings.

IMB stands for Building Permit, a document from the local government stating that the building owner is allowed to construct a permanent building according to the designated function. Modular buildings do not require an IMB because of their temporary nature.

The cost of constructing a prefab house varies based on factors such as size, the number of units, additional modifications or specific facilities, and contractual agreements with the provider. However, building a prefab house is generally more affordable than traditional brick-and-mortar construction.