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Ticket Booth containers provide by Tradecop for the 2018 Asian Games. This event requires an onsite ticket booth for various matches from various sports. Even though tickets have been sold online, onsite ticket sales are still needed for those who need them.

Function Ticket Booth Containers

  1. Completeness – This container is also equipped with ticket sales windows, laminated floors, insulated walls, electrical installations, lighting installations, air conditioning, and door canopies. In addition, the outside can be coated with promotional materials.
  2. Portable – As a portable unit, this container can be placed as needed, such as in front of the event venue. When the event is over, these booth tickets can be easily moved to another location if needed.
  3. Intermodal – This is one of the properties of containers. Intermodal means that it can be transported by several modes of transportation. 20-foot and 40-foot containers can be transported by trucks, trains and ships. So that the container can reach many places.
  4. Strong – With the basic material of a shipping container made of corten steel, this Ticket Booth is strong and can last a long time outdoors. Containers are designed to withstand inclement weather. Choosing a container as a place to sell tickets is the right decision.
  5. Modular – With its modular nature, several containers can be combined or lined up. In events with a small number of spectators, one container can be used. And multiple containers can be added for larger events.
  6. Efficient – Using containers for something temporary is a more efficient option than a permanent concrete building. Because portable units do not require a difficult and time-consuming foundation construction process.

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If you like the appearance of this ticket booth or want a Ticket Booth Container with a different design, please contact us immediately. We can add other features according to your needs such as exhaust, additional air conditioning, tables, chairs, different window designs and others.

We design and modified our containers in our own workshop. Tradecorp staff will always be happy to help you.

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