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This Offshore Container is generally used in industries involving flammable gases, flammable dust, and water vapor. Therefore, we also equipped this container with explosion-proof electric wires and lights.


This container has the advantage of being wind resistant, waterproof and used repeatedly over a long period of time. In addition, this unit is also equipped with a cargo attachment point (lashing point) and a hole for a forklift (forklift pocket). This type of container also has an anti-slip or non-slip floor surface.

Because we are committed to ensuring the safety of your shipments, all of our units are equipped with CSC plates for international shipments.

Our DNV 2.71 offshore containers are compliant with the DNV 2.7 1 standard, and our DNV Containers are also equipped with lights, shelves, and curtains. Apart from that, you can also modify the container according to your needs.

DNV 2.7 1 offshore container is the right solution to prevent you from losses which will certainly have an unfavorable impact for the company. The advantage of using our container is that it is a CCU container (Cargo Carrying Unit) that can be used to transport and store your equipment and supplies.

In addition, this unit can be used to transport goods for offshore oil and gas exploration purposes as well as other sectors that have offshore activities.

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