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This modified container is a repurposed conventional container that has been turned into a shower block for sale. These site amenities units are also called toilet and shower blocks, prefabricated toilet and shower blocks, and toilet shower blocks.

The issue of sanitation becomes critical in a field project that is located in distant places and in remote places. Because there is no clean water flow or adequate location, finding clean water for bathing and other activities can be difficult. Your difficulty will be solved if you use this portable bathroom, toilet, and shower unit.

20′ Toilet Shower Block For Sale

Considering our containers are built according to ISO standards, the unit’s quality is undeniable. Our containers are composed of corten steel, which is a long-lasting and low-maintenance material. This container has a sturdy internal structure.

Toilet shower block for sale Unit can be outfitted with exhaust fans, 18-watt fluorescent lights, waterproof lighting (inside shower cubicles), power outlets, and all electrical lines can be hidden beneath the wall and ceiling layers to keep them dry, and an MCB box with a switch.

Additional furniture, including a fiberglass shower tray, ceramic and glass sink, a set of high-quality plastic curtains, soap containers, and towel and clothes hangers, can be provided to complete this toilet and shower container. In addition, we can install a stainless steel drain on the bathroom floor, allowing water to flow directly into the drain.

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