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Tradecorp’s transportable accommodation Container with Bunkbed and Toilet is a living quarter that can fit up to two people. For the outside, this housing unit consists of a simple door and a cage window for extra security. When you step into the building, you will see a quite spacious room, perfect for resting and lounging after a long day at work.

The room will have a bunk bed to provide space for two people to sleep. A bunk bed is highly recommended for the 20 Accommodation Container with Bunkbed and Toilet as it requires so little space but accommodates more.

Furthermore, this container comes with its own bathroom inside it to provide privacy for its tenants. Another advantage of having a personal bathroom inside is it will eliminate waiting time in the communal bathroom when all workers get ready for work.

Our 20’ Accommodation Container with Bunkbed and Toilet features a shower area that has a curtain rod, allowing you to attach a shower curtain. In addition, this bathroom comes with a wall-mounted sink, sit toilet that includes bidet shower, and water heater.

Most importantly, to make this container best suit your need, we can add more or lose some of its features per your requests.

Transportable Accommodation by Tradecorp

Additionally, here are some examples of modifications and customizations we can do. You can make some changes to the floor, window, door, type of wall insulation, power outlet locations. Furthermore, you can upgrade this 20 Accommodation Container with Bunkbed and Toilet to include an air conditioner, desk with chair, shelves, as well as cupboard.

Not to mention, our experienced haulers are ready to help you arrange the delivery of this containers until it reaches its destination. Given that, you can sit back and relax while your order will arrive before you need it.

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