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Tradecorp’s 20′ High Cube Shipping Container has an external height of 9’6”. Its height is one foot taller than the height of a standard container variant. This is what differentiates the high cube variant from the standard types. The extra headspace makes this high cube variant provide more space for greater loads.

Made of weathering Corton steel and manufactured to ISO standards, our 20-foot are sturdy to withstand extreme weather and heavy pressures. This container variant is secure and robust for storing and transporting most kinds of dry cargo that are voluminous but lightweight. Grains, plastic ore, cotton, toys, and apparel are just a few examples of commodities that are usually transported using a 20’ HC container. Not only is this 20 ft high cube variant perfect for transporting voluminous cargo, its additional one foot of height can accommodate the storage of slightly over-height items, like furniture, sculptures, tall equipment, and machines.

The corrugated wall panels add strength to this 20 ft high cube shipping container. Meanwhile, the lashing rings will secure the cargo during transportation, preventing it from falling or shifting. Furthermore, the door seals protect the cargo from external elements by ensuring a weather-tight seal between the door and the frame. Moreover, the forklift pocket is used to lift the container and stack it onto a truck, train, or ship safely.

Equally important, the plywood floor is robust to withstand heavy loads and regular use. Not to mention, the secure lock box improves the security of valuable cargo stored in the container. What’s more, the corner castings provide a secure point of attachment for the container’s lashing points and connect the container’s structure.

Plus, our brand-new 20 ft high cube shipping container has passed the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC). That means our brand-new unit has a valid safety approval plate (CSC plate) affixed and is safe for facilitating international intermodal transport.

With the external dimensions of 20’ long x 8’ wide x 9.6 high, a 20’ high cube variant can carry 10 to 11 industrial standard pallets or 11 EU pallets. Apart from the shipping application, our 20′ High Cube Shipping Container unit is popular among architects, developers, and individual clients owing to the extra headspace for placing an air conditioner or heater, for example. A 20 ft high cube variant is a perfect option for building modifications, including, a retail kiosk, a security booth, a fast-food drive-thru, and endless architectural conversions.

Finally, as part of our service, Tradecorp Indonesia can arrange the delivery of the purchased units to the site before dispatching them from our depots.

Do your business or projects need containers to accommodate over-height objects, Tradecorp’s 20’ HC shipping container for sale and rent is an ideal option. You can fill in the quote, and our sales team will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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