3 Storey Multi ModPacks Dorm

Product Description

Use Modpack or flatpack units

Building a 3-storey large concrete building in a conventional way requires a lot of time and labor. If the building only serves a temporary use, the cost of construction will be wasted when it is no longer in use. 

Constructing a temporary housing or dorm out of modpack or flatpack units makes a lot of sense. They can be transported easily by truck and can be built relatively quickly. The construction will require a few laborers with the assistance of a crane. 

Using Modpack or flatpack units to make a 3-storey multi modpack dorm is certainly cheaper and faster than using brick-and-mortar structures. Constructing this 3-storey dorm needs foundation, septic tanks, sewers, water sources, and electricity sources. If all the above has been prepared, the 3-storey multi modpack dorm is ready to be built. Of note, the foundation of this 3-storey multi modpack dorm is lighter than a concrete-based 3-storey dorm.  

Features of the 3-storey multi modpack dorm 

This modpack structure can be equipped with the same fixtures and fittings as permanent buildings, including plumbing, sewers, electrical fit-out, lighting, air conditioning, doors, windows, showers, toilets, and kitchens. 

With those features, this 3-storey multi modpack dorm is also a perfect solution for government housing or government offices in remote areas where access to building materials is very difficult. 

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