Easy Opening Door Shipping Container

Product Description

Easy Opening Door Shipping Container is the most ideal for shipping or storing cargo that has a slightly taller height. Our easy opening door container is made of weathering Corten steel and has corrugated steel wall panels. This unit is strong and long-lasting owing to its construction.  

Each of our brand-new high cube containers carries a valid CSC plate, making the unit safe for facilitating international intermodal transport. Our range of 20’, 40’, and 45’  high cube variants are perfect for storing and transporting most kinds of dry cargo that is voluminous but lightweight.  

A 20 ft high cube can hold a storage capacity of 10 or 11 industrial standard pallets and 11 EU pallets. Moreover, Tradecorp 20 ft high cube easy opening door is also an ideal option for conversions owing to its extra headspace.  

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