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Tradecorp Indonesia provides the best modular room construction builder and solution for you. Our long-time experience in prefabricated, modular buildings and containers has been well-known in Indonesia, Australia and Global.

We sell, hire, or rent Prefabricated Construction and Modular Containers for many projects, events, and building construction sites including offsite construction.

Our Modular systems can be formed into modular houses, modular offices, modular camp workers & portable accommodations, modular hospitals, modular extension units, and modular rooms.

Find out more about our prefabricated, modular building, and modular shipping container products below!



ModPack has the same dimension as a standard 20 feet shipping container. It makes this modular construction has intermodal attributes and can be transported with other containers by truck, train, or container ship.


ModBox is a Modular Unit that can be combined or stacked until becoming a modular building. It is also slightly wider than a flatpack. It took only a few hours to assemble this unit with a few persons and lifting equipment.


ModSnap or commonly called Folding Container or foldable container is a prefabricated unit that can be used as an office or housing. This collapsible unit can be set up in a matter of minutes with one crane and a few people.


Rakita is a residential building that is now a housing trend for mining camps or construction projects. The Rakita structure is specially designed using a strong steel frame built on a cement foundation.


Popular among construction projects, ModMulti offers 2 and 3-floor settings. This feature can save space and accommodate more people into it. ModMulti is also easy to be assembled, dismantled, and transport.


Modhouse is an expandable container house. In the setup condition, this instant house provides space with an area of around three times of a 20-foot container. This folding house is easy and fast to build.

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