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Looking for good-quality portable building? Tradecorp Indonesia provides the best modular construction builder and solution for you. Our long-time experience in prefabricated, modular buildings and containers has been well-known in Indonesia, Australia and Global.

We sell, hire, or rent Prefabricated Construction and Modular Containers for many projects, events, and building construction sites including offsite construction.

Our Modular systems can be formed into modular houses, modular offices, modular camp workers & portable accommodation, modular hospitals, modular extension units, and modular rooms.

The ModMulti Lux or T House has a lightweight and easy to disassembled parts. So that packing and transportation become easier

This type of portable building can be used for various needs

Such as accommodation, storage warehouses, offices, laundry rooms, dormitories, canteens and even temporary hospitals. You can find the use of ModMulti Lux in project areas or special locations that require buildings with fast construction times.

This type of portable building can be a solution to meet the space requirements at the project site. Choosing the right building will give you comfort. The ModMulti Lux / T House building will always be the best choice to meet the operational building needs of your project.

ModMulti Lux or T House is modular and can be used as a prefabricated residence that you can equip with a kitchen, bedroom and private bathroom. We can also add various kinds of accessories and equipment needed such as air conditioning, exhaust, lighting and even furniture.

Tradecorp always strives to provide the best quality products to help your project runs smoothly. Please contact us immediately if you need prefabricated modular buildings for various purposes.

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