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Tradecorp Indonesia provides the best transportable rooms builder and solution for you. Our long-time experience in prefabricated, modular buildings and containers has been well-known in Indonesia, Australia and Global. We sell, hire, or rent Prefabricated Construction and Modular Containers for many projects, events, and building construction sites including offsite construction.

Our Modular systems can be formed into modular houses, modular offices, modular camp workers & portable accommodation, modular hospitals, modular extension units, and modular rooms.

Modpack or Flatpack as a Transportable Rooms

Modpack or Flatpack as a modular building does not require a full foundation. Modpack or Flatpack only requires six spread footing foundations to hold the container at each corner and in the middle of the length sides. When arranged next to each other two Modpack units can share a foundation at the same end. Precast or prefabricated foundations can also be used so that there is no more casting process on site. 

As a modular unit, Modpack can be insulated as needed. One Modpack can accommodate 1 person or can be divided into 2 rooms so that each employee has his or her own privacy space. In addition to housing or employee mess, this type of container can also be custom made into bathrooms and toilets. 

In addition, there are many facilities that can be installed on the Modpack or flatpack container. Such as additional doors, bulkheads, extra windows, exhaust, air conditioning, electrical installations, door canopies, window canopies, and of course furniture such as beds, tables, chairs, and cabinets. A light steel roof can also be installed to provide extra protection from rain and wind. 

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