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Product Description

Every building construction project site usually requires a field portable site office. In addition, you can also add colour so the Modpack or flatpack appearance matches your company brand.

Then from the image on this page you can see, the top corner post of the Modpack or flatpack container can be used as a base for banner frame. Where the company name and logo can be displayed clearly. 

Definition of Field Portable Site Office 

Field office are widely known among the Indonesian construction industry as “Direksi Keet”. Having an office on construction site is important because there are many things that need to be coordinated and discussed in the field. In addition, there are also administrative work that needs to be done at the project site. 

All ModPack’s standard components are prefabricated and packed, with the same dimension (length, width, and height) as a 20′ container. This makes our ModPack more very efficient, portable site office and mobile.

Buy or Rent

Having many Modpack or flatpack units is very beneficial for a construction company. The advantage is that apart from being easy to build and having many possible combinations, Modpack or flatpacks can also be easily disassembled and reused in future construction projects. So that the costs incurred to buy this unit is not wasted, because it can be used repeatedly. 

In addition to buying options, we also provide rental options for short term needs. The rental option also relieves you of the hassle of storing the containers after the project is complete. 


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