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There are certainly many applications for site accommodation container. It can be used as a worker’s quarters in a mining camp. It can also be used on outdoor events. Another example of its application is an instant house for disaster relief program.

Setting up facilities for a mining site is quite a challenge. A mining camp is one of the required facilities. The project manager has to set them all up on time. That’s why a fast and easy-to-build structure is needed. Modsnap or folding container Mining Camp is a very suitable choice for mining camps because it is quick and easy to construct.


Our site accommodation can be formed into modular houses, modular offices, modular camp workers & portable accommodation, modular hospitals, modular extension units, and modular rooms.

Below are some of the advantages of Modsnap or folding container as mining camps:

– Easy and fast to build so it doesn’t interfere with the project timeline.
– Does not require a lot of workers to assemble it.
– Suitable when there is a sudden need for accommodation.

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