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Best Uses of 20′ GP Containers 

Tradecorp’s 20 ft GP shipping containers are made of weathering Corten steel frames, roofs, sides, locking bars, and understructure. Likewise, our 20′ GP containers are built to meet ISO standards. Accordingly, they are sturdy and can withstand rigorous handling and transits.

Tradecorp’s 20 ft GP containers are popular among buyers because they provide a variety of uses. For shipping purposes, a 20 ft GP container can carry 10 standard pallets or 11 EU pallets in one tier. Of note, our 20′ GP containers have external dimensions of 6.10 m (20long x 2.44 m (8wide x and 2.59 m (8’ 6’) high. 

Certainly, the features and external dimensions make our 20′ GP containers perfect for shipping dry commodities and storing goods. Similarly, they are an ideal basic building material. For example, their conversions into homes, site offices, and shops are popular among individuals and businesses.

20′ GP Containers for Mining Industry

In the mining industry, 20 ft can store can carry mining equipment and supplies. Moreover, they can store equipment and supplies on-site, protecting them from the harsh mining environment. Likewise, our 20 ft GP containers are ideal for transporting heavy machinery, tools, and spare parts to and from mining sites.

Equally important, 20 ft GP containers are intermodal, facilitating their transfer to various means of transport (by road, rail, and sea). They can reach the final destination, for example, a mining operation in a remote area, by integrating different modes of transport.

Tradecorp offers new or used 20′ GP containers for sale or rent. Does your business or project require these GP containers? Please fill in the quote form. Our sales team will contact you, give you advice on the container specifications, and discuss your requirements.

Lastly, as part of our services, Treadcorp’s team can help you arrange the delivery of the purchased container to the designated destination.

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