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We can modify the container to support your event with an attractive design and comfortable to use. Not only designs, we can also make multi-storey offices with unique designs or whatever you need from containers.

Fast turnaround times and low prices make the unit suitable as an option to build your work area. We offer several container conditions for modification, namely, modification of used containers and modification of new containers for offices that suit your wishes and needs.


Some construction projects and mining projects in remote areas require housing for their workers. Container modification for employee mess is a cost-effective, clean, and convenient solution. Units like this can be built into several levels to accommodate a larger number of workers.

Want to start a new business or plan to open a branch? Impress your customers with the construction made of containers. We can modify the container according to the needs of your cafe. It can also be converted into a tiered cafe or have an outdoor seating area on the upper level. Let us know your request and we can modify containers in Jakarta both new and used as desired.

In addition, one of our modified containers comes with a 3-in-1 type of construction unit. This type provides a workspace, storage warehouse, and toilet. This 3-in-1 type is very easy to transport from one place to another. In addition, containers with this model are an excellent alternative for placing in projects with small areas. This unit can be ordered using a new or used container.

Secure and store your belongings easily with this type of container modification. If you need more than one storage area, we can divide 1 container into several rooms. In addition, you can customize the interior. Can be equipped with shelves, lights, exhaust fans, etc. We can modify used containers into self-storage warehouses with modified container prices or more affordable container modification costs.

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If this is what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us now to get the best price. We can also provide other types of containers. Tradecorp also has the option of leasing or buying containers. Each of these options has different advantages. Feel free to consult our expert team for the best option.

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